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Rules & How to book

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Single/Multiple Rooms → Booking System
Whole House → Request via contact form or e-mail.

Single/Multiple Rooms

Our booking system operates with a minimum stay of 2 nights for individual room reservations, applicable throughout the year except for July and August.

Rates per night per person are as follows:

  • Single occupancy: €40

  • Double occupancy: €32 per person (totaling €64)

  • Triple occupancy: €28 per person (totaling €84)

Whole House

Booking the entire house is also an option, requiring a minimum stay of 3 nights, available year-round upon request via contact form or e-mail.

Our pricing structure varies according to the seasons:

  • Low Season (November to March): €210 per day

  • Mid Season (April to June; September to October): €255 per day

  • High Season (July to August): €295 per day


All listed prices include cleaning fees. We hope you enjoy your stay, and rest assured, we'll handle the rest.

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