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A testament to the art of coastal living


Nestled in the heart of one of Spain's most breathtaking regions, this unique haven invites you to experience a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and the allure of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Beachfront Surf & Holiday House is a spacious and charming retreat with a capacity for 12 persons, offering an ideal setting for family vacations, group getaways, or friends' gatherings. This typical Galician house spans almost 400m2 with a 2,000m2 garden, providing a perfect blend of comfort and outdoor amenities.

On the ground floor, the house features a well-equipped kitchen, dining room, WC, bathroom, salon with a fireplace, and a veranda. The veranda leads to an annex that includes a carnotzet, a laundry room and a bedroom with a private bathroom. The first floor comprises three bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and two "galerias"-rooms with sea view, while the second floor boasts a terrace/balcony with a breathtaking sea view and two additional bedrooms. Multiple living areas, including a large living room with a fireplace, two eating rooms and dedicated office spaces, offer versatility for all your needs. 


The house is equipped with a yoga/sports room offering splendid views, along with yoga mats, a surf rack, washing machine, hoover, wireless connectivity, free parking, and essential safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. Bedroom configurations cater to various group sizes, featuring six bedrooms for 12 people, each with unique characteristics. The kitchen is well-equipped with gas and wood options, along with a wood oven, microwave, coffee machine, and dishwasher. Two large dining rooms ensure ample space for communal meals.

Whether you seek relaxation, outdoor activities, or remote work possibilities, the Beachfront Surf & Holiday House is designed to make your stay unforgettable.

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A Sight on our Rooms
01 Bilbao Room

Double-bedroom with a private bathroom on the main floor.

Bilbao Room - Double Bed with Window_edited.webp
Room Bilbao - Room Picture_edited.webp
02 Cadiz Room

Double-bedroom with window and morning light on the first floor.

Cadiz Room - Bed with view on the miror.webp
Cadiz Room - Bed with view on the window
Cadiz Room - Bed with view on the room.webp

Double-bedroom on the first floor with two windows.

03 A Coruna Room
A Coruna Room - Picture.webp
A Coruna Room_edited_edited.webp
04 Madrid Room

Singe bedroom with a window on the first floor.

Madrid Room - Single Bed.webp
Madrid Room - Singe Bed with view on Room.webp
05 Sevilla Room

Double bedroom with a ceiling window on the second floor.

Sevilla Room - Double Bed.jpg
Sevilla Room - View on Double Bed Picture.jpg
06 Barcelona Room

Room with three single beds on the second floor.

Bedroom Picture - Single Bed
Barcelona Room - Singe Beds picturejpg

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